Day 8 Of My 10-Day Challenge ~ Change

”Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." Leo Tolstoy November 29, 2019 ~ Day 8 I love the essence of number 8 and it is no wonder that today was such an awesome day. From the moment I opened my eyes I knew intuitively that it was going to flow with ease and grace. There was a certain balance I felt as I started my morning routine. I felt more in the Now than I have for the past week. My focus was clear. True to form, the number 8 brought abundance on this day in the form of new bookings for sessions as well as reconnecting with a friend and booking her on my new radio show which will begin soon. Abundance comes in many ways. One way it showed up today w

Day 7 Of My 10-Day Challenge - Giving Thanks

“At times, our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” – Albert Schweitzer November 28, 2019 ~ Day 7 One whole week! Woohoo, I’m finding that Yes, I Can do this! There were a couple of things that made this day extremely difficult to stick to my resolution to both stay focused and positive and also stay within the parameters of eating healthy nutritious food, staying away from what is not good for me. The first one was the realization that it had been a month since my beloved Gizmo left his physical body. It is very difficult to come home to an empty house because he

My 10-day challenge ~ Glowing!

November 27, 2019 ~ Day 6 It’s a great day to have a great day! My waking thoughts are not about my to-do list which was a habit I had fallen into of checking my schedule as soon as I woke up. Instead this morning it is about what Can I do today! "Yes I can" is so very powerful! It opens the door to all possibilities. Indeed, there are still responsibilities and things that have already been planned out but approaching it with a different perspective is quite freeing. I can look at things with new eyes. I can see that client who is on my schedule in a different light. Whatever is needed in their life such as hand-holding, a shoulder to cry on, a compassionate ear, some healing energy, is giv

Day 5 Of My 10-Day Challenge ~ #Blessings!

November 26, 2019 ~ Day 5 Life is about contrasts, ups and downs, laughter and sadness, dark and light. To say that today was a different experience than day 4 is an understatement. Today, it seemed the universe was conspiring to hand me gifts on a silver platter. I have been trying to change my parking space where I live for years and was told a couple of months ago that it would happen. Today it finally did. The blessings kept adding up through the day. Our beautiful anthology that we launched last week is in print and I received my printed copy today. I got my laundry done in record time and met an awesome couple whose conversation helped me not be bored while I waited. I booked a new cli

Day 4 of My 10-Day Challenge

November 25, 2019 ~ Day 4 You would think that change becomes easier with time . You would think, right? Day 4 is behind me finally and boy was it a challenge. I’m not sure how I did it but I set the alarm to go off at the time of my first appointment of the day! Thank goodness I woke up prior to that (thank you angels) but it didn’t leave me with much time to prepare for the meeting I was going into. At my doctor’s appointment there was disappointment because I was told that the sutures have to stay in a little longer. I was hoping to celebrate not having to see doctors for the rest of this year! I contacted a friend in the area and met her for lunch at a new-to-me restaurant. I have to say


November 24, 2019 ~ Day 3 There is greatness inside of you. YOU are YOUR potential. Today went by like a tornado going down a dusty desert road. It seemed I barely opened my eyes when it was suddenly time to join in with some amazing ladies as we discussed dealing with our emotions during the holidays. The sound healing that was done brought up a lot of healing energy for me. The message that came forward during my meditation time was that I wanted peace, calm and love. Ahh what a different world it would be if that was the essence coming forth from all of us. But, alas, contrast is inevitable and it is what we learn and grow through. I love this time of examining my thoughts and my actions


November 23, 2019 ~ Day 2 Today I feel much clearer, like a fog has been lifted. One good habit I have been able to maintain through the last several years is gratitude. Each morning as I open my eyes I stop and give gratitude for another day alive, for the ability to breathe, hear, see, talk, smell and move. I love this habit. I love the feel of the positive light energy as it washes over me. It’s like a shower before the physical shower. Today I have decided that slower is better. I look at my calendar and the appointments I have for this day and realize that I have been overloading myself and not allowing a replenishing space in between times of giving out my energy. I have been booking b


November 22, 2019 ~ Day 1 Sometimes I dive right into the pool before testing the water to see the temperature. Well, I’m in it all the way today as I begin a journey of shedding what no longer serves me and feeling a little chilled and looking around for the steps to exit; knowing, however, that if I quit now I would not get back in. I have reached a point of being discontent with how I feel physically, which tells me it is time to change something inside of me as well as look at what habits need to be brought to the light and discarded or changed. This has been a year of growth through fire for me and that is never easy. When we grow physically it is necessary to stop using the old clothin

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