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November 24, 2019 ~ Day 3

There is greatness inside of you. YOU are YOUR potential.


Today went by like a tornado going down a dusty desert road. It seemed I barely opened my eyes when it was suddenly time to join in with some amazing ladies as we discussed dealing with our emotions during the holidays. The sound healing that was done brought up a lot of healing energy for me. The message that came forward during my meditation time was that I wanted peace, calm and love. Ahh what a different world it would be if that was the essence coming forth from all of us. But, alas, contrast is inevitable and it is what we learn and grow through.

I love this time of examining my thoughts and my actions as it is leading me to truly look at the motivation behind what I do. Thoughts do become things, or actions, as that is how we create. If I think “yes I can” then I am more likely to step forward out of my comfort zone than if I thought the opposite, more limiting way. Having others tell me these words also brings another level to it. I am not alone. It’s like a marathon runner who hears the cheer of the crowd and that gives an adrenaline rush that propels him (or her) forward toward the finish line. Thank you to all who are believing in me that I will not quit the race. The momentum has begun toward stepping into what I know I am here to do this lifetime. Les Brown says “there is greatness within you” and I fully believe that. Today, I am stepping into my greatness with a humble heart and a brighter light to shine forth. May you search for and find that same greatness inside you today and every day!

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