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My 10-day challenge ~ Glowing!

November 27, 2019 ~ Day 6

It’s a great day to have a great day! My waking thoughts are not about my to-do list which was a habit I had fallen into of checking my schedule as soon as I woke up. Instead this morning it is about what Can I do today! "Yes I can" is so very powerful! It opens the door to all possibilities. Indeed, there are still responsibilities and things that have already been planned out but approaching it with a different perspective is quite freeing. I can look at things with new eyes. I can see that client who is on my schedule in a different light. Whatever is needed in their life such as hand-holding, a shoulder to cry on, a compassionate ear, some healing energy, is given with a heart full of love and focused mind.

This new mindset is so uplifting. My energy soars daily which keeps me motivated in all areas of my life. The physical changes that are occurring are wonderful but not my entire focus. It really is true that what is inside is reflected on the outside. I am hearing things such as “you are glowing” when I see friends. It is my intention to let that outward glow shine forth and touch everyone with love, with a spark of the Divine. May you be blessed this day! #yesIcan #YesIam


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