Merry Christmas

It’s such a beautiful day to celebrate life and to hold love in our hearts. We have chosen to set this day as a time to remember what it means to give. Somehow, it has changed to a focus on giving material things and how many presents are under the tree. The best present we can give to each other is the gift of our presence. This year, for the first time in many years, I am able to do just that. I am surrounded by family at this holiday season. It is a blessing to see them and to share hugs, smiles, laughter and a few tears. It’s time for us to all remember what being here on this adventure is really all about. We are all searching for our way home, to that place where we feel we belong, whe

In My Heart Always - Loving From A Distance

December 11, 2019 "Some people are meant to stay in your heart but not in your life." Niharika Very few people have ever been able to understand what I go through on this day of the year, year after year. The only ones who truly can have been perfect strangers who had the same experience happen to them. Today is my daughter’s birthday, yet I don’t know if she is celebrating, if she is alone, or if I’m even a fleeting thought as her birth mother. The night she was born is forever etched in my memory. We both nearly died, her from being so small at 2 pounds 2 ounces and me from an already weakened state of kidney failure. We were separated almost immediately and sent to two different hospitals

You Are Worthy

In the stillness you hear everything. Every thought seems to have a megaphone as it screams out to get your attention. Sometimes it is not so easy to ignore. It is in those times I must remind myself who is in control. I can choose to stay in the illusion that I have no power or I can take charge. It is then that I know without a doubt that I am staying in the Now moment. The thoughts, especially late at night, want to lead me back to times and places where I perceived myself as not good enough, a failure in life, broken, scared, alone. It’s so easy to believe the old story. And then that small voice whispers in my ear and says “you are worthy.” Those are words I went my whole lifetime not h

In The Beginning - Gratitude

“Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul.” – Amy Collette Gratitude given from the heart is one of the greatest presents you can give. The cost is just a moment of your time but the reward is priceless. Every Tuesday I host a show on Facebook called Gratitude Happy Hour. Today my guest John Fiore and I discussed how important it is to examine the choices we make and living with the consequences. We decide every second what we are doing or not doing. No one else. There is nothing outside of us that can control us unless we choose to allow it. When I decided years ago to let gratitude be my routine as soon as I wake up, it changed m

The Journey Continues And Angels Appear

"Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." Hebrews 13:2 On this journey called life we take so much for granted. As we go about our days we can sometimes miss the small things that are put in front of us to remind us that we are being guided, if we choose to be. As I have focused on staying in the Now, not projecting and not stressing over what “might” happen, I am pleasantly surprised when miracles appear. I had a situation happen just today where an earth angel appeared in my life who helped me solve a difficult problem with my cell phone provider. He was able to show me exactly what to do and took a huge load off my shoulders. If

Day 10 Of My 10-Day Challenge – Sweet Success

"Do or do not. There is no try." Yoda December 1, 2019 ~ Day 10 Ahh the sweet smell of success! I am sitting here processing my emotions as well as the lessons learned on this adventure. Success means different things to different people. For me, staying the course and sticking to my commitment is a success. Never once in these ten days did I waver from the parameters I had set for myself. Was I tempted? Oh yes! One of the hardest challenges for me was having the discipline to adhere to the rule of no nighttime eating. This may not sound huge to you but here’s the deal. I live alone. I have been used to having a presence with me in the form of two very active cats for the last 19 years. I lo

Day 9 Of My 10-Day Challenge - Endings and Beginnings

"Endings and beginnings are merely paired facets of an imagined stone curtain, behind which a plethora of opportunities await.” ― Ged Thompson November 30, 2019 ~ Day 9 I find it so appropriate that day nine falls on the last day of the month as in numerology the number nine is the number of completion and fulfillment. We are completing this month. Gone. Done. Adios! As with any ending there is a new beginning. I have ended many things in the past nine days, letting go of habits and patterns that no longer served me and brought up what’s left inside now for reexamination to see if there is more to be purged, and I’m sure there is but all in due time. Life is so full of dichotomies. It’s a co

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