Through the Storm

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to reach out to someone who was so important in your life and then left this world? Do you often think of someone who has passed in this lifetime and wish you could continue communicating with them? Do you wonder if you have spirit guides and who they might be? All of these are legitimate questions people ask every day. I am constantly hearing from people who want me to try to contact someone for them. What if we could explore together how you can open up to those gifts for yourself? Would you welcome that in your life? Maybe you are already hearing spirit talk to you but not sure how to feel about it or what exactly the message is. We all


What Can I Do Today? * LOVE ~ I can give of my heart unconditionally, globally * LAUGH ~ Laughter raises the vibration of anyone it reaches * LIVE ~ This is more than just existing, it is feeling, enjoying being alive * SHARE ~ Sharing of ourselves IS truly caring * SING ~ Music is the universal language, may my voice ring out in joy * PRAY ~ For myself, for my family, friends, for the world and Mother Earth * PRAISE ~ Giving thanks to God and to others That's what I can do not just today but every day. Every morning as we are given the gift of another day alive, just asking this simple question will make all the difference in how the day goes. It is a choice. I choose to do these things

What does our physical wellness have to do with spirituality?

We are given this physical body as a means to house our spiritual essence for an incarnation here on Earth. We also have free will in the choices we make while we are living in this body. Both the physical body and the spiritual body are made up of living energy. When one is out of balance, the other suffers. How we maintain our physical body says a lot about what is happening to us spiritually. I recently began to sit up and pay attention to the things I was consuming as well as products I was using that were affecting my physical body in a negative way. These are commonly referred to as "toxins" and are so prevalent in most everything out there to be consumed or even the air that we b

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