Observations and Blessings

I was in such a rush this morning, running behind even though I had reminded myself of everything that needed to be accomplished before I had to get on the road to go to an event. One of those things included going to the post office. The post office is an interesting place. One day I would love to just go sit in there and observe but then lately I have had plenty of time to do that while waiting in line!! Today though, I was giving in a little to the pressure of getting things done. I was a little self-absorbed although I did see the looks on the faces of people behind me when they saw me with two boxes of packages that were to be mailed out. Yes, I finally got Changes in the mail to

Land of Giants

I have two things that I would cut out of my life if possible – grocery shopping and laundry. Both are necessary but faced with dread. Now how can I get my human brain to wrap around doing these things and not dreading it? The brain compartmentalizes and makes comparisons constantly. So one of the concepts is fun versus serious, good versus bad, little versus big. It is how we put things into perspective. So, in our view of things spiritually, sometimes we let that happen as well. We perceive some things as fun and other things we do as serious. We treat it like we do our human existence, in other words. We do the same thing with those who we perceive are leaders, seeing them as “gi

Magic Reset

Today I invite you to reset, regroup and reconnect. We are four days into a brand new year and some of you may have dragged in some of the old energy with you. If you didn’t take time to really release what you wanted to let go of before going forward, then you may be feeling like “what the heck? This is the same ole same ole.” You know the saying, “no matter where you go there you are” – well it is never so true as now. You are here in 2017 and what has changed? Did you expect it to be like magic where you just blink and wow a brand new world? The thing about magic is that you actually have to believe there is a rabbit in the hat or else you will pull out a lot of thin air. In other


Why do you want what you want? What is desire all about anyway? Why do some people feel they must have “things” – whatever those things may be – yet others are not interested in collecting material things? What creates this difference? I’m sure there have been research studies about it. As someone who has had the house, all the furniture, multiple cars, boats, motorcycles – then let it go, gathered some more “things” – then let it go over and over, I can honestly now say that “things” have no meaning to me. It’s not sour grapes, just a realization that this is not what life is all about. I have no judgement of others who want to gather things – we all have our own journeys. I was invo

You're What?

How many of you really really – no I mean really believe that you create your own reality, that you are in control of your life and what happens in your life? I want you to think about that for a minute because this is important stuff. I was under the illusion that whatever happened to me in life was what was going to happen to me for many, many years – yes, I’ve lived that many. I was tossed around and beaten up pretty bad by life, thinking that was the way it was and there was nothing I could do about it. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I came to realize that I am in control of how I act, how I speak, how I treat others and most importantly how I treat myself. What I said every d


You know that feeling when you take the ride in a brand new never-been-owned car? You smell the newness of it. You become familiar with the feel of the steering wheel, the seat you are sitting in, how the car sounds, where all the controls are, maybe blow the horn to see how it sounds. There’s that feeling of joy, happiness, newness. Yes, everything looks fresh somehow. You see the trees, the streets, the people you pass in a new way. Guess what? None of them changed. You changed because something new came into your life. Well, now we have a brand-new year. Last night after we did the countdown and wished each other a Happy New Year, I walked outside and took a deep breath in of the

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