October musings 14

Journal entry October 14, 2016 Here is a wonderful motto that I borrowed from a friend – Stay blessed, not stressed! We have a choice every day as to our level of stress. It is not “out there” but rather inside of us. It is in how we allow ourselves to handle each moment. So, pick up the reins and make the decisions – or would you rather have them made for you? Who are you giving your power to? Today is a new day – choose wisely. I am enough. I am powerful. I am loved. I am worthy!!!

October musings 13

Journal entry October 13, 2016 Isn’t it amazing that we all started the same way? We entered the world naked, vulnerable, having to decide to take that first breath on our own. Why then do we expect others to hold us up in our life? Why do we not see that the things we want to do are in our own hands? Do we blame others if we cannot take that first breath? Stop blaming others for what you cannot or will not do. It is too easy to say “they did this” or “they didn’t do this” and always find someone else to be at fault when things go wrong in our lives. It is our decisions that create our reality. Waking up to that fact is not easy but will set you free from the blame game.

October musings 10

Journal entry October 10, 2016 Choices, decisions are mere thoughts until we follow them with words, with actions, with commitment. The thought “I will be heard” has to then be followed by a statement either written or spoken. Set the intention – I will be heard by the Universe, by my loved ones, by those I come into contact with. What do you want them to hear? What is your message? What do you choose to expose about yourself? How real are you willing to get with yourself, with Spirit, with others? It is in my vulnerabilities that my strengths are brought forth. When you get real, get raw, not worrying about judgment or criticism that you will be set free.

October musings 9

Journal entry October 9, 2016 Thank you for a life of purpose. Thank you for each breath I take because it reminds me what I am and why I am here. It is in giving gratitude before the miracle that my heart and eyes are opened. We are co-creators with Source! We determine how we see our world. In letting go of fear, there is only love. In releasing expectations, we free ourselves to receive all blessings. So, today I float like the beautiful butterfly I have become – unencumbered, confident that the direction the wind is taking me is where I am supposed to be. Open to your life’s purpose. Sit is stillness, quieting the mind long enough to hear the pulse of Mother Earth. What is the m

October musings 8

Journal entry October 8, 2016 The darkness of night is gone and a new day has now dawned, rich in light and promises. It is so easy to see you, God, when there is so much light – to see the beauty of your creation, the energy of all I am surrounded by. Help me to remember that all of that is still there even in the darkness, even when not visible to my human eyes. It is the same way when going through this human experience. There will be dark times. I know that in those dark moments you are very much present. I just have to keep in mind what the light exposes, the energy of love and then reach out and touch it, holding it tight in my heart. We do not have to give in to the illusion tha

October musings 7

Journal entry October 7, 2016 My gratitude today comes in the form of forgiveness. I am grateful that I can let go of things now that I used to hold onto for an extended amount of time. Forgiveness has nothing to do with the other person. I forgive because I want the inner peace that comes from letting go. Holding on to anger and hurt is so destructive. It helps to do the visualization that the other person involved is my mirror. What I see in them is only my own reflection, so if there is anyone to forgive it is me. This is such a freeing thought! Ever since I can remember, I have heard “Let go and let God.” It thoroughly sinks in now. Every day let me remember that I am responsibl

October musings 5

Journal entry October 5, 2016 Oh my soul, I have such an overwhelming sense of love, of hope and of peace today. I thank you for my safety and those around me. Hold us in your loving arms. I have faith in your protection. Just like these physical storms, my life has been tossed about and afterward there was a fresh start. I am claiming that now. Old things will be cleared away and the new will be amazing. Help me to remain calm when the wind howls and the rain pounds at the door. Let my soul remember that I am spirit, I am powerful, I am loved and most of all I am protected. Change is inevitable. Nothing remains the same through the passage of time as we define our linear units of m

October Musings 4

Journal entry October 4, 2016 Gratitude has an energy about it. Just saying the word feels good. When I say “thank you” to another, it changes me inside, makes me smile, keeps me humble. When I really take the time to say “thank you” to myself, that is when my spirit soars. We are spiritual beings, so this is essential to acknowledge gratitude to ourselves. We are part of the great oneness that created universes! How awesome is that? Gratitude leaves ego behind, focuses totally on the essence and power of love, so when I say “thank you” I am saying “I love you.” I envision a world where we all shower each other with this kindness and respect. I envision peace on earth. I am not stic

October Musings 3

Journal entry October 3, 2016 We weather many storms in our lifetimes and mine has surely been tossed about by many. I give thanks today for the calmness in my life, the peace that comes from inside and radiates outward. I am grateful that I can stand steady among the bashing of winds and waves of negativity. I hold my focus on a higher vibration. I give thanks for all my experiences, my trials and my joys. I love you! The vision of a lighthouse enters my mind when I think of being a lightworker. It's the same concept - standing still and unwavering no matter the strength of the storm. Sometimes the energies make it a difficult task to stay in high vibration just as an ocean storm can

October Musings 2

Journal entry October 2, 2016 Love, peace and joy – all of these things are in me, around me, coming out as light shining into the world. I am so grateful for another day, another chance to make a difference in this world during my lifetime here. It is through touching others that I am lifted up. It is through sharing my experiences and my hope that others can see that there is light. This life we are given is so very precious. Help me not to waste one precious second of my time that I have been given. I love you! Today I awoke with a sense that love is all there is and that love has to begin inside of me to reach the outside of me. Once we come to that realization, how awesome life b

October Musings 1

Journal entry October 1, 2016 So I opened my eyes and beheld a new day. It is a joyous feeling to know that I have another chance at this thing called Life. How precious that is! How wonderful to know that what I have to offer the world is important enough that I remain here to deliver the message. Thank you God for this time I have. Help me to make the most of every moment. I love you! Each day this year I have been journaling, sharing thoughts of my days and mostly just giving thanks to my Creator for the time I have while here on earth. I was encouraged to share these thoughts in the form of my blog here on Angelspeakers. I am confident that my words are reaching those that spirit

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