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The Journey

On 9/11/2020 Teri Angel left South Florida in the Angelmobile to set off for unknown destinations - at least to her conscious mind - to follow her passion of bringing more energy, education and collaboration for peace on earth. The call was heard long before that September date and the angels had been preparing Teri for this journey since early childhood. Leaving all material possessions behind, Teri set out physically alone trusting the angels, her spirit guides and God to direct her on where to go. What has immersed as a result of that blind faith has been a wonderful journey - Our Journey Of Healing. People from all over the world have come together in spirit to embrace the journey and support Teri in whatever means are available, such as a place to sleep, meals, gas and supplies, money and prayers.

Land Blessings

As the journey progresses across the USA, there are areas where a blessing is done for the land, the inhabitants, animals, water and nature and future generations. A crystal is placed into the ground to represent that state or region and ceremony is held to set the intention for peace to come to that area. Request a land blessing in your area by contacting Teri via email: or by phone at 754-801-0763 These land blessings are all recorded and live-streamed if possible. They can be found on YouTube by clicking

QR link for videos of land blessings

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Peace Land Blessings list
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