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Day 8 Of My 10-Day Challenge ~ Change

”Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." Leo Tolstoy

November 29, 2019 ~ Day 8

I love the essence of number 8 and it is no wonder that today was such an awesome day. From the moment I opened my eyes I knew intuitively that it was going to flow with ease and grace. There was a certain balance I felt as I started my morning routine. I felt more in the Now than I have for the past week. My focus was clear. True to form, the number 8 brought abundance on this day in the form of new bookings for sessions as well as reconnecting with a friend and booking her on my new radio show which will begin soon. Abundance comes in many ways. One way it showed up today was in my goodie bag from Thanksgiving dinner at my friend’s house the night before. She had packed up some of the wonderful dinner she had served and it was plenty to get me through both lunch and dinner without having to cook or do anything extra! When we experience struggles in our lives, we tend to forget how special we are. We forget our core confidence but most of all we forget who and what we are, a divine soul who came on earth to express the best version of ourselves. When we reconnect with that spirit inside of us and really see our own reflection, we know we are worthy of the best life has to offer. I see the abundance coming to me as energy responding to my opening up to it. We all are deserving to have this, to experience abundance in all forms.

Many people I coach have the same questions. When will it be my turn? When will I receive abundance and not have to struggle so hard to make ends meet? What did I do to deserve this hardship? A few years ago I wrote a book that was a compilation of real-life stories of people who had been through some of the most unimaginable challenges in life. My story is in there along with stories about drug/alcohol abuse, homelessness, rape, depression, loneliness, despair. Each story was told in its own unique way and then these people who had been through the fires of life spoke of hope and faith. The book is called Changes: Life Changes When You Do (available on Amazon). It was called that because I kept hearing the questions listed above: when will it be different and why me? I heard the name of the book loud and clear and the people who came to me to share their stories all spoke to these questions.

Overwhelmingly, it was agreed that life will change when we do. We cannot wait for some superhero to rescue us or make us stop the self-sabotaging habits. That’s on us to do. That’s what I have taken on with this challenge. I am taking a closer look at habits that no longer serve me and only bring on more problems. I have found that to stay strong, a support system is necessary. I am very strong-willed but also human and let myself be led in a wrong direction at times, especially with food. These eight days have been full of surrender and growth.

I also have some excitement today because I am participating in a ritual that I dearly love called hosting the archangels. For the next five days I will be immersed in meditation and communicating with the angels every moment. I will be listening for further guidance. The ten days is just a beginning of a much bigger journey. It is a jump start and I am confident I will be given a blueprint to build whatever it is that is ahead of me. This is giving me the insight and balance so needed to take this on.

You have all been such a huge part in this by showing me support, lifting me up in prayer, singing the “yes I can” mantra right alongside me and I have a heart full of gratitude for you! I wish I could give each of you a big hug and I think I will do that right now! Consider yourself hugged – and very loved! #YesIcan #YesIam #LifeChangesWhenYouDo

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