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Magic Reset

Today I invite you to reset, regroup and reconnect. We are four days into a brand new year and some of you may have dragged in some of the old energy with you. If you didn’t take time to really release what you wanted to let go of before going forward, then you may be feeling like “what the heck? This is the same ole same ole.” You know the saying, “no matter where you go there you are” – well it is never so true as now. You are here in 2017 and what has changed? Did you expect it to be like magic where you just blink and wow a brand new world? The thing about magic is that you actually have to believe there is a rabbit in the hat or else you will pull out a lot of thin air. In other words, you have to effect a change inside of you before you can see the manifestation of what it is you are desiring.

So, I invite you to give yourself the gift of a few moments to really make an internal change. It is something I am offering you and it does not cost me a dime – only my time to type these words. It really is up to you if you want to participate or not. It doesn’t matter to me. I’m only the messenger here. As my friend Karen says, when a mailman brings you a bill, do you get upset with the mailman? It’s the same concept when a lightworker brings a message from Source. I bring the message and it’s up to you to open it and receive, then participate – or not.

First, just breathe…nothing else except focusing on bringing the air into your lungs and exhaling it back out again. Do this a few times. While continuing with your breathing, start to center yourself and connect with the grounding earth energy by either placing your feet on the ground or if you are outside you can touch a tree or stand on earth, or you can hold onto a grounding crystal. Now focus on your crown chakra at the top of your head. See a white light traveling down and entering through your crown chakra, traveling all the way down your body. This is your connection with Divine energy. Next, place your hands so that they are either touching each other or touching your body. I like to place mine one at the solar plexus and one at the sacral area to balance the yin and yang energy. Yin is below the waist and yang is above the waist. Your hands will act as a conduit, merging and balancing the divine energy with the grounding energy, thus creating a self-healing effect. Tune in to how you feel. Did your body start to relax, become more calm, more balanced? Take your time with this and spend as much time working with the energy as you need. You will know when it is right to stop and when you do, pay attention then to what your body says to you. Does it thank you? Congratulate yourself on the magic you just brought into your life with only a few moments of your time. Now go manifest whatever you wish to pull out of that hat! I love you…Namaste

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