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Why do you want what you want? What is desire all about anyway? Why do some people feel they must have “things” – whatever those things may be – yet others are not interested in collecting material things? What creates this difference? I’m sure there have been research studies about it. As someone who has had the house, all the furniture, multiple cars, boats, motorcycles – then let it go, gathered some more “things” – then let it go over and over, I can honestly now say that “things” have no meaning to me. It’s not sour grapes, just a realization that this is not what life is all about. I have no judgement of others who want to gather things – we all have our own journeys.

I was involved in a research study for ten years to see what the difference was between me and the majority of the rest of transplant recipients as I had discontinued my medication and did not reject my kidney. They put me under a microscope for the entirety of those ten years, even biopsying the transplanted organ. When they starting finding something they could identify as a significant difference, there was much excitement. I was thrilled for the medical team but really I was more thrilled that what they were doing was going to affect the future of transplants. That is priceless! Those are the “things” that I keep telling the Universe that I want more of. How can I help others? What can I do to make even one other person’s life better or uplift them in some way? And before you go there, this isn’t about me. It’s about how we place our value on what is important in life. There is nothing wrong with wanting things or in having the best you can possibly have. Life should be enjoyed, it should be fun. In the end though, when it comes time to move on from this human experience, will the things you leave behind (no, you really can’t take them with you) have made a difference? Is this the legacy you want others to remember you by? If not, maybe some reflection on the first sentence above is in order. From my heart to your heart – I love you! Namaste

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