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October Musings 4

Journal entry October 4, 2016

Gratitude has an energy about it. Just saying the word feels good. When I say “thank you” to another, it changes me inside, makes me smile, keeps me humble. When I really take the time to say “thank you” to myself, that is when my spirit soars. We are spiritual beings, so this is essential to acknowledge gratitude to ourselves. We are part of the great oneness that created universes! How awesome is that? Gratitude leaves ego behind, focuses totally on the essence and power of love, so when I say “thank you” I am saying “I love you.”

I envision a world where we all shower each other with this kindness and respect. I envision peace on earth. I am not sticking my head in the sand and ignoring how things are with turmoil and wars, but I do have faith in the process – the process that will happen when each of us decides to make a difference in our world. It has to begin with me – peace begins with me, love begins with me, happiness begins with me. This is the attitude that will move mountains and make monumental changes. I choose to participate today and every day. Do you?

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