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Land of Giants

I have two things that I would cut out of my life if possible – grocery shopping and laundry. Both are necessary but faced with dread. Now how can I get my human brain to wrap around doing these things and not dreading it? The brain compartmentalizes and makes comparisons constantly. So one of the concepts is fun versus serious, good versus bad, little versus big. It is how we put things into perspective. So, in our view of things spiritually, sometimes we let that happen as well. We perceive some things as fun and other things we do as serious. We treat it like we do our human existence, in other words. We do the same thing with those who we perceive are leaders, seeing them as “giants” and placing them on pedestals. I remember when I was younger watching a TV show called Land of the Giants. I was fascinated by it. The giants could cover a long distance in no time where it would take the humans days to get there. Everything seemed so easy when you were bigger.

What if we played the game my friend Karen and I play that is part of the Law of Attraction – a game where you use your skills of visualization and you see the things you want to call to you. You start with “wouldn’t it be great if…” and you keep doing that thought for 68 seconds and feel the excitement and joy of having what it is you are manifesting already. Only 68 seconds of pure intention on one thing creates a momentum, putting a vibration out to the Universe that says “more of that please.” So if I say “wouldn’t it be great if my grocery shopping took less than 20 minutes” and I repeated that thought and held that vision for 68 seconds before I take off to do the shopping. Magic would happen in that grocery store and everything would fall into my shopping cart easily, the checkout line would be short and it would seem that I had become the giant instead of the little people the giants trampled on.

Now, in terms of our spirituality, we are all giants – we are all the same. Yes, we have those teachers and leaders we hold up as giants, as someone we maybe aspire to be like. Be the giant. Stop playing small and play full out no matter what it is you are doing in life. Hold the vision of what you want for yourself spiritually. “Wouldn’t it be great if……” Giants don’t worry about the little mountain standing in their way. There is nothing insurmountable in their eyes. When you do the visualization for 68 seconds, hold the intention and feel the vibration of having whatever it is already. Wouldn’t it be great if _____________. Now fill in the blank and go create! Trample the mountains that are in your way. Turn your maybe into a definite, your no into a yes all with your intention. Namaste

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