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Observations and Blessings

I was in such a rush this morning, running behind even though I had reminded myself of everything that needed to be accomplished before I had to get on the road to go to an event. One of those things included going to the post office. The post office is an interesting place. One day I would love to just go sit in there and observe but then lately I have had plenty of time to do that while waiting in line!! Today though, I was giving in a little to the pressure of getting things done. I was a little self-absorbed although I did see the looks on the faces of people behind me when they saw me with two boxes of packages that were to be mailed out. Yes, I finally got Changes in the mail to those who ordered it and to my Angel Authors who shared their wonderful stories in the book!

As I stood in line, I watched the faces of those around me. Most looked bored or impatient and there were a few on their phones. Suddenly the lady behind me made a comment to the lady standing beside me, complimenting her on her wedding ring and her voice carried so everyone – I mean everyone focused their attention on this lady’s ring. It was beautiful, big and shiny. She was asked if she picked it out and she blushed and told us all that her loving husband who was standing beside her did that all by himself – saying this with a big glowing smile toward her husband. This of course, caused him to brighten up and look around at everyone who was paying attention. We learned they had been married for 37 years.

Now why am I telling you this story? Because many times we are so self-absorbed in our own stuff that we do not see the beauty around us. I truly believe that happened to jolt me into that awareness. Just one kind word from one stranger to another lifted so many vibrations in that one place. No matter where we are or what situation we are in, such as having to wait in a very long line, we can always look around and find beauty in something and if we express our joy in what we see then oh my, look at what can happen.

When I got to the counter, the exchange took much less time than anticipated to my delight and those behind me! Also, as I looked around I spotted a sticker on the wall by the person who was assisting me. It said “Random Acts Of Kindness.” Yeah, those were my messages today and I just wanted to share the love. I love you! Namaste

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