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You know that feeling when you take the ride in a brand new never-been-owned car? You smell the newness of it. You become familiar with the feel of the steering wheel, the seat you are sitting in, how the car sounds, where all the controls are, maybe blow the horn to see how it sounds. There’s that feeling of joy, happiness, newness. Yes, everything looks fresh somehow. You see the trees, the streets, the people you pass in a new way. Guess what? None of them changed. You changed because something new came into your life.

Well, now we have a brand-new year. Last night after we did the countdown and wished each other a Happy New Year, I walked outside and took a deep breath in of the newness. It was the same place where I had stood about an hour earlier as we gathered to release our old “stuff” that we wanted to let go of in a burning bowl ceremony. The building didn’t change nor the sidewalk, the trees or even the air that flowed there. Magically though, the air had a freshness to it now, the people seemed a little different, the stars glimmered as if they had just been turned on. Fireworks had been going off for hours around us but now they took on a higher energy as they lit the night.

So while nothing really changed in my world as far as things, a shift had happened in me. I was now sitting in a new vehicle – a new year. I was smelling and feeling the newness of it. I was getting familiar with how it felt, how it sounded and how it looked. Now it’s up to me to keep the newness alive in it. Just as we must maintain a car to keep it looking as new as possible, I feel it’s the same way with this year. Let’s keep breathing in the freshness, looking at people with new eyes as loving spirits, and feel the happiness and joy inside of ourselves with each day. My dear friend, Robert, talked to his spirit guides last night and respectfully said, “I know there is no such thing as time with you but us humans use this in our lives, so could you please bless this new year?” And they did and so it is.

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