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You're What?

How many of you really really – no I mean really believe that you create your own reality, that you are in control of your life and what happens in your life? I want you to think about that for a minute because this is important stuff. I was under the illusion that whatever happened to me in life was what was going to happen to me for many, many years – yes, I’ve lived that many. I was tossed around and beaten up pretty bad by life, thinking that was the way it was and there was nothing I could do about it. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I came to realize that I am in control of how I act, how I speak, how I treat others and most importantly how I treat myself. What I said every day for the last three years and what I continue to say today is, “God, whatever you want me to do with my life and however you guide me to do it, I am willing.” Do you see the importance of those last three words? I must be willing to listen first of all and then I still have free will to choose to do what I hear from my higher source. Since the moment I accepted the mission as an energy healer, my life has not been the same. We all have that free will. One thing that was imparted to me with the energy healing was the fact that we can heal ourselves but also that we do not have to be ill in the first place! Louse Hay made this discovery many years ago and healed herself of cancer.

Now, I started out asking if you really believe you create your own reality. If you believe that and you believe you have free will, then why are you still claiming how sick you are? Is that the reality you are creating? Is your reality that your body is going to tell you how well or sick you are? The more your brain tells your body, “I don’t feel good” then guess what, your body says “Oh, okay. I won’t feel good today.” You, with your free will, can say “I am well. I am healthy. I feel amazing.” It is a choice. Yes, I understand about viruses and “bugs” that we can pick up – notice I said “can.” Once again, how strongly do you believe you are really in control? Many of my friends and acquaintances are telling me they are “under the weather” right now. Why are you claiming that? Why are you making that your reality? Why are you letting your body tell you how you feel instead of you telling your body how to feel? I hear things like “it just has to run its course.” Sound familiar? Again, go back to the first sentence and then decide for yourself. I love you! Love yourself enough to think about these words instead of just dismissing them and going back to bed with an ice pack or a heating pad. Namaste

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