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What does our physical wellness have to do with spirituality?

We are given this physical body as a means to house our spiritual essence for an incarnation here on Earth. We also have free will in the choices we make while we are living in this body. Both the physical body and the spiritual body are made up of living energy. When one is out of balance, the other suffers. How we maintain our physical body says a lot about what is happening to us spiritually.

I recently began to sit up and pay attention to the things I was consuming as well as products I was using that were affecting my physical body in a negative way. These are commonly referred to as "toxins" and are so prevalent in most everything out there to be consumed or even the air that we breathe. This is a huge problem. Our bodies are under attack inside and outside by these toxins. Is there even a solution? I say yes! You can start by educating yourself on what is happening around you. What is in that burger you are consuming? How about the milk and eggs you buy at the grocery store, the vegetables you put in your shopping cart (vegetables are safe right?) along with the shampoo and body wash or soap you use? That's right, my friends, there are toxins that we are not aware of in those that are not even listed on any labels. We absorb these chemicals/toxins through our skin, in the food we eat and yes, even the air we breathe. Did you know the average woman exposes herself to over 200 toxins by 9 a.m. just in the products she has used such as shampoo, skincare, makeup and cleaning products and that doesn't include anything consumed that may contain toxins!

So to answer my original question, if we treated our spiritual body the same way we treat our physical body, constantly bombarding it with things that affect it negatively, the effect would be devastating. I do not consider myself a religious person, but rather a spiritual person and as such I want to maintain both my physical and spiritual well-being to the best of my ability for overall health.

A good start to correct this toxic problem is education. Learn what is in the products you are using, the food you are feeding your body and what effect that is having on your physical well-being. I am not an expert by any means but I have teamed up with a company that has done the research and has a lot of answers for us. I welcome you to ask me if you are interested in knowing more and perhaps joining me in getting on a healthier path. I can also explain how you can become more involved in a lucrative way by sharing and educating others just as I am doing. Let's get healthier and wealthier together!!

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