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What Can I Do Today?

* LOVE ~ I can give of my heart unconditionally, globally

* LAUGH ~ Laughter raises the vibration of anyone it reaches

* LIVE ~ This is more than just existing, it is feeling, enjoying being alive

* SHARE ~ Sharing of ourselves IS truly caring

* SING ~ Music is the universal language, may my voice ring out in joy

* PRAY ~ For myself, for my family, friends, for the world and Mother Earth

* PRAISE ~ Giving thanks to God and to others

That's what I can do not just today but every day. Every morning as we are given the gift of another day alive, just asking this simple question will make all the difference in how the day goes. It is a choice. I choose to do these things listed above and in some small way hopefully impact those in my life as well as finding peace, joy and happiness inside of me. What can YOU do today?

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