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Through the Storm

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to reach out to someone who was so important in your life and then left this world? Do you often think of someone who has passed in this lifetime and wish you could continue communicating with them? Do you wonder if you have spirit guides and who they might be? All of these are legitimate questions people ask every day. I am constantly hearing from people who want me to try to contact someone for them. What if we could explore together how you can open up to those gifts for yourself? Would you welcome that in your life? Maybe you are already hearing spirit talk to you but not sure how to feel about it or what exactly the message is. We all have the capability to communicate with anyone in our life, either still here on the earth plane or in the spiritual realm. We have this ability because we are connected through spirit. Tapping into that ability is our spiritual gift, our innate ability as a spiritual entity.

There are many means we can use to develop these gifts as well as to communicate with our spirit guides and find out who they are. Once you "meet" your spirit guide or guides, you can then learn so much from them. My own guides took me on a "seek and destroy" mission to rid myself of past hurts and resentments I h

ad held onto for years. Without their loving guidance, I may not have had the strength to go it alone.

Each person's spiritual journey is unique, just as our earthly journey is uniquely ours. However, our guides and angels make it so much easier to tread along daily through all the challenges this life holds for us. They are not there as a crutch, but as a friend, a guiding light through the storm. Interesting thing about storms. When they are happening, things are tossed about, rearranged, some things moved out of our visual field, others just placed in a different location. Yeah, interesting how that happens and afterwards it gives us a whole new, clearer perspective of what is there in our lives. Hugz~Love

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