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Check Your Chakras

Indeed, life every day is an adventure and one that I absolutely love.

This morning I actually started off my day with a routine I used to do to center myself, which I call Chi Up and Down. It is a means for me to “check my chakras” and see if I need to clear anything out of my energy center that is blocking me or holding me back. It is just the same as we do when we become aware of our physical body after we wake up – usually as soon as we try to get out of bed and walk. Checking the chakras, or energy centers, only takes a few minutes of your time. Just stand or sit quietly and get in touch with each of the 7 main energy centers. What do you feel or sense? Are any of the chakras “speaking” to you and telling you to pay attention? There may be something physical going on in the area of one or more chakra, such as a scratchy throat or stomach irritation, maybe a pain in the lower back. Get in touch with these energy centers and see what these pains are all about. When you place your hand in the area of these chakras, what is the feeling you get? Close your eyes and let your intuition take over.

As humans, it is easy to forget that it’s not all about the physical. We use these bodies, our vessels that we are inhabiting, 24/7 and we are constantly reminded that we need to take care of them and that is so true. Who is reminding us that we need to take care of the energy centers? You certainly don’t see that advertised by Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig! If you want a free copy of the video where I explain the Chi exercise, send me a message with your email address and I will gladly share it! In the meantime, check your chakras. I think they are trying to get your attention! Now back to sifting and sorting and setting my priorities for the day! I hope you all have a most amazing day!! Namaste


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