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Believe In Yourself

“You have to believe in yourself when no one else does.” —Serena Williams

Life has a funny way of throwing challenges our way, doesn't it? It's like waking up in the morning and stepping into a maze, not knowing what twists and turns the day has in store for us. The struggle is real, and it's a universal experience that binds us all together. Whether the pain is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, we all can relate to having moments where it seems we have been sucker punched.

Dear Angels, having a difficult day can feel like walking a tightrope while trying to avoid being knocked off. The struggle lies in finding that elusive equilibrium, where one aspect of life doesn't overshadow the others. Overcoming the mental gymnastics required to stay positive and focused is a daily feat in itself. Today, I got knocked backwards physically. The Course In Miracles lesson that I studied today said “this day I choose to spend in perfect peace.” Today I had the opportunity to spend each moment in perfect peace. Today, I honored what was happening and did the self-care needed to bring me back to balance and to the peace that my soul craves.

Dear Ones, the struggle is where you find your strength. It's in facing challenges head-on, learning from setbacks, and emerging stronger and wiser. Each day's difficulties are opportunities for growth, resilience, and self-discovery. The struggle is indeed real, but so is your capacity to overcome it. Life's challenges shape and mold you, and ultimately make you more resilient beings. So, as you navigate the maze of daily life embrace the struggle, for it is in overcoming adversity that you truly discover your strength and resilience.

Dear Angels, thank you. I love you. Namaste y’all.

Today, I promise to face my challenges head on.

Teri Angel is a Happiness Coach, energy healer, best-selling author, spiritual teacher and mentor, and a motivational speaker. Teri’s movement “Peas For Peace” involves strengthening our awareness of the oneness of all, unifying mankind through compassion, peace, love and joy. She was named "She Who Blesses the Sacred Land" during the Peace On Earth Tour and embraces that title with loving grace. Teri is also the co-founder of the global movement and non-profit organization Ten Million For World Peace.

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