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October musings 8

Journal entry October 8, 2016

The darkness of night is gone and a new day has now dawned, rich in light and promises. It is so easy to see you, God, when there is so much light – to see the beauty of your creation, the energy of all I am surrounded by. Help me to remember that all of that is still there even in the darkness, even when not visible to my human eyes. It is the same way when going through this human experience. There will be dark times. I know that in those dark moments you are very much present. I just have to keep in mind what the light exposes, the energy of love and then reach out and touch it, holding it tight in my heart.

We do not have to give in to the illusion that beauty and light disappear in the darkness. We do have choices even in those times. We can choose to dwell in the lower vibration that lies to us and says that the light was not real or we can close our eyes and remember all the good, all the beauty and hold that image as we find our way back to the light.

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