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“My father used to say, Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument.” —Archbishop Desmond Tutu”

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where giving up seemed like the only option? Maybe it was a difficult project or a personal goal that felt out of reach. We've all been there. But before throwing in the towel, take a deep breath and remember this: Never give up. It's easy to feel defeated when faced with obstacles, but pushing through challenges can lead to amazing outcomes. Why is it so important to persevere and when do you say enough is enough? Sometimes I have felt that I was going in circles and ending up at the same spot I started out in. Now I know that is nonsense. Even if it does not feel that we are making progress, we are learning from the experience. There are no accidents or coincidences so that means that even when we feel that something is a dead end, we are learning from it on some level.

Dear Angels, mindset is everything. It's the difference between success and failure, between happiness and misery. It's what allows us to push through when the going gets tough and to never give up on our dreams. Too often, we give up when things get tough. We convince ourselves that we're not good enough, that we'll never achieve our goals. This negative thinking leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy; we don't try because we're sure we'll fail, and then we do fail because we didn't try.

Dear Ones, when it comes to difficult times and struggles you face in life, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel like giving up. But if you can step back and see the challenges as opportunities instead, it can be a game-changer in how to approach them. There is power in your words and how you relay information to yourself and to the universe. We encourage you to pay attention to the words you use to describe your situation. Are you projecting an outcome that ends unfavorably? When you describe the experience, do you find yourself already assuming the worst that could happen? When you turn that corner for the tenth time, let go of the thought that it will look the same as the other nine times. When you see your situation through lens of possibility instead of dreading what you “know” is going to show up, you have risen to a different energy pattern and you will then see the change you want to see happen. Life will always present its challenges, but having the courage to keep pushing forward and never give up can be the difference between having the mountaintop view or covered in quicksand. Take it one day at a time and develop laser focus and eventually you’ll achieve your goals. Never give up!

Dear Angels, thank you. I love you. Namaste y’all.

Today, I promise to never give up.

Teri Angel is a Happiness Coach, energy healer, best-selling author, spiritual teacher and mentor, and a motivational speaker. Teri is the Peace Campaign Coordinator for We, The World and the founder of a nonprofit organization, Angelspeakers Inc., which offers educational workshops and events centered around environmental awareness to include animals and nature, peace advocacy opportunities and ancient wisdom teachings. Teri’s movement “Peas For Peace” involves strengthening our awareness of the oneness of all, unifying mankind through compassion, peace, love and joy. She was named "She Who Blesses the Sacred Land" during the Peace On Earth Tour and embraces that title with loving grace.

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