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I Don't Have To Eat The Potatoes

I was hungry when I went grocery shopping – not a good thing for me as everything looks delicious and my stomach speaks louder than my brain. I was looking for something fast because I had not planned well enough for the events of my day. Well, that’s always a disastrous recipe, isn’t it? I walked through the veggie aisle, nothing excited me. Going through the fruits, a bag of grapes jumped into my cart. I knew that would stave off the hunger pains. I could tell I was getting very low on energy because I became agitated with people, with choices, with clerks and long lines. I had grabbed one of the “healthier” choices among the frozen foods with the thought process of not enough time to cook. When I took the dinner out of the package and really looked at it, I groaned. It was full of white potatoes, which I have been avoiding for close to two years now. In fact, I have avoided all starchy foods and I have been very diligent at it. I debated on sticking it in the freezer, but not really sure why. The potatoes would not remove themselves, would they? It was then that the thought ran through my head. You don’t have to eat the potatoes! Wow! I could be eating in 4-1/2 minutes, fulfilling my hunger, and I had a choice of what I picked out of that meal to consume!

Life is that way for us all. We make choices every moment of every day. Those things that we are aware of as not being the most beneficial to have in our lives are always there. They don’t just magically disappear from our world because we choose not to indulge in them. They don’t come with warning signs or resist if we decide to let them into our lives. The important thing to remember is why we chose that way in the first place. My avoidance of starchy foods came from some nutritional awareness of how those particular foods impact my physical body. I do not miss any of these foods and actually feel much better going without them. There are other things in life that I have examined the extent of the impact on my overall being – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Among these are some people I have distanced myself from, some activities I have cut out of my life, and many belief systems and patterns that I have let go of. What I have brought into my life as a result is more self-esteem, feelings of worthiness, less stress, and certainly more peace of mind. There are many more “potatoes” hanging around as I go about my day-to-day experience but now I understand about being selective in what goes on my plate. It’s a good place to be in.

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