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Bounties of the New Season: Resistance and Detachment During Challenging Times

Every day on Enlightened World Network, we offer a live guided meditation on Facebook and YouTube. The other day, Rebecca Abraxas led a profound sound healing meditation about detachment. During her meditation, I repeatedly heard the word “Resistance.” I was told that the reason so many people are struggling with depression and anxiety right now is that they are trying to force things to be the way they used to be. By holding onto the past and resisting the present reality, it resulted in discomfort, grief, anxiety, and depression. Clearly, detachment was the key.

I was shown a vision of a field of corn. Each stalk looked healthy and robust. Then the crop died. Any attempts to grow corn failed miserably. I asked why we couldn’t grow corn. I heard, “Because it is not corn season. It will not grow.” “But we always grow corn.” “Figure out what will grow given this season. What crop would be optimized by this season?” I had no idea. “What crop can thrive given these circumstances?” “Cucumbers.” “Cucumbers? But we have always grown corn!” “Plant cucumbers. They are perfect under these conditions.” So, we planted cucumbers. Soon the ground was covered with huge, vibrant green cucumbers! The bumper crop of cucumbers was so plentiful that it fed all who were hungry. As people were sated physically, they were also nourished body, mind, and soul. People were then able to turn and support each other. The community was able to thrive in what had been considered to be dire times.

Once we were able to detach from our need to try to keep things as they had always been and stop resisting our current reality, we were able to be open to the possibilities that were available. From corn to cucumbers, are you holding onto the past rather than embracing the possibilities of our current circumstances?

About Dr. Ruth Anderson Dr. Ruth Anderson is the Founder of Enlightened World. In “retirement” after a career in education, she embraced her second calling—to become an Ordained Minister, intuitive, spiritual counselor, speaker, and author. Dr. Anderson provides individualized, transformational experiences that create connections with the Spiritual Divinity, including Divine Mother, Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, and incorporating Holy Fire Reiki and energy work.

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