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1111 Portal -- Enter With Ease and Grace

The 1111 portal opens today! Can you feel the shift? The light is intensifying as we all align to our divine consciousness in our final step of ascension. Here are some of the symptoms you may be feeling or experiencing with this shift:

 More synchronicities appearing in your life

 Physical symptoms, thinking you have an illness. Do not claim or own illness.

 Faster manifestations.

 Releasing blockages and feeling lighter.

 Moving outside of your comfort zone.

 Speaking up more.

 Sensing your own power.

 Feeling that you are “different”

 Increased healing energy coming through you.

 A “knowing without knowing” of spiritual things.

Be gentle with yourself. Rest. Talk to other lightworkers and know that everything is as it should be even if it doesn’t appear to be so at the moment. Know there is a higher plan that we may not be seeing immediately.

We don’t always see “the big picture” regarding what we are going through. Know that you are not alone in this human experience. You always have access to the angelic realm for support and guidance. Call on them. The angels have been very vocal and active in this transitional period in our Earth history. They are opening the 1111 gateway and inviting all lightworkers to show up, ground yourself and allow the influx of light energy to flow to you and through you. As the light enters, there are codes of information coming through with it. Many of us may experience some of the “symptoms” outlined above. This is not to be viewed as negative. All changes and shifts require a period of adjustment to how the new energy feels. As you allow the shift, you will start to understand the codes. There are things that will help with that understanding.

1. Set your intention for this to be a monumentally positive experience for you. Intention is everything. If your focus is on how hard it is, it will be hard for you. If you intend to be uplifted and have a wonderful experience with it, then so it will be.

2. Stay in the energy of love. This energy is coming in to assist with the earth’s evolution and all the life forms that exist on Mother Gaia. It is not a destructive energy. Perspective: When you change the way you look at things, you will change. Look with the eyes of love and allow the shift to bring more love into your life.

3. Ask for guidance. We all have guardian angels who are there to help with all of our human experiences. Sit quietly with them and open up to what they are showing you. Feel into your heart center and ask what you need to know. If you are unsure if you are hearing the message clearly, phrase it in a “yes” or “no” form and allow them to give you the answer.

Remember: You are not alone! There is so much love for you all!

Teri Angel is a conduit for angel communication. Join her on the Peace On Earth Tour at


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