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Teach By Example

“I don't believe you have to be better than everybody else. I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be.” Ken Venturi

If you are going to compete, compete with yourself. Strive to do better than you did yesterday. Hold yourself to a higher moral compass. Things get really wonky when we start comparing ourselves to others and losing sight of the fact that life is not a competition. There is room for us all and there is more than plenty of resources on our planet.

Dear Angels, I don’t think we were born with a competition or comparison mindset. We have evolved into that. Can we someday choose to teach our children to honor the earth and the importance of minding our resources?

Dear Ones, indeed there is a need to turn away from greed and trying to amass a fortune that you cannot possibly use in one lifetime. It is not about how much you accumulate as much as it is to mind your attitude. If you find yourself looking down on those less fortunate than yourself, then you are part of the problem of what is happening on your planet. Stop focusing on who has what and become more compassionate with those down on their luck. If you can give a handout to someone, do so with a pure intention of spreading love. Live in integrity and honor. Yes, it is possible to change the trajectory of what is happening now and it is the children who can bring that to fruition. Don’t leave the task of teaching them to others. Reinforce in them the desire to live in a world that works for everyone, not a select few. Help them to see the importance of working together instead of competing. Teach the meaning of sharing, of hugging and honoring each other. That is how you will turn the needle and see real change happen. Teach your children well beginning with yourselves. Model for them what charity looks like. Help them to see their own worth so they can see that in each other.

Dear Angels, thank you. I love you. Namaste y’all.

Today, I promise to express myself in a more loving way to always model compassion in our world.

Teri Angel is a Happiness Coach, energy healer, best-selling author, spiritual teacher and mentor, and a motivational speaker. Teri is the Peace Campaign Coordinator for We, The World and the founder of a nonprofit organization, Angelspeakers Inc., which offers educational workshops and events centered around environmental awareness to include animals and nature, peace advocacy opportunities and ancient wisdom teachings. Teri’s movement “Peas For Peace” involves strengthening our awareness of the oneness of all, unifying mankind through compassion, peace, love and joy. She was named "She Who Blesses the Sacred Land" during the Peace On Earth Tour and embraces that title with loving grace.

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