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Peace On Earth Tour: One Year On The Road With the Peas For Peace

There have been many milestones in my life. Each year I celebrate being given a second chance at life with a kidney transplant over 40 years ago. I celebrate my birthday for an entire month because I am so grateful for each day alive. This year I am celebrating something monumental in my life that I could never have imagined would be possible. One year ago today I left my home in Florida, my familiar environment that I dearly loved, and set off on an unknown course. With all my worldly belongings packed in the car, I went to destinations that I was divinely led to visit. Every place along the way was a new adventure and each person I met made me feel at home.

There were conversations about spirituality, peace, passion and purpose. Each was different but contained a common thread – we are all one. The community that love built during a global pandemic grew stronger each day. The fun game of “Where On Earth Is Teri Angel” brought a playfulness to the journey. With each encounter there were warm hugs, tears of joy and laughter. Much laughter! For most of the journey, comfy beds allowed my tired body to rest before the next leg of the trip. Any nights spent alone, either at truck stops, hotels or in a camp were necessary for inner reflection and guidance and always protected by my guardian angel, Archangel Michael. Goodbyes were hard but I started saying “see you later” instead and that eased the pain a bit.

Along the way from coast to coast 14 land blessings were performed and grew in energy as a grid was created across this beautiful country. All were recorded and eagerly anticipated by the “Peas” who were the heart of the journey. This loving nickname came from an angelic message which shared that we are all one, as peas in a peapod; therefore, we became the Peas For Peace. This beautiful movement has grown in size and in loving energy as we gather daily to check in on each other online. It is the Peas that motivate me to keep going, that support and encourage me, that keep me in their prayers every day and feed my hungry body and soul along the way.

If you ask me what is the most wonderful thing that has happened to me in my lifetime, my answer would be the love I have felt every day of this year. I cannot imagine life without this kind of closeness to all the ones that fill my life with joy each day. I wake up with a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye and that is the power of love. It transforms and heals. It uplifts and inspires. It is truly the one thing in life that we can take with us when we leave these human bodies. It is what our soul is made of.

May every being know this love. May every being be free of suffering. May every being understand that there is peace on earth and that it begins inside of us. I love you. I’ll see you later….

Namaste Y’all,

Mama Pea

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