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May Your Box Be Filled With Blessings

Whee, is it really me

Flying high above that tree

And now in the deep blue sea?

Ah, how can it be

That I am this free?

I have flown in a hot air balloon once and it was an unforgettable experience. The calm, quiet peace of floating through the air; beauty surrounding above and below. I can only imagine that when it is time to shed this human body-suit there will be such an incredible peace and joy as I fly to my next adventure. Not that I’m trying to rush it, mind you, but just contemplating what will eventually happen with all of us. We are only here for a minute in the grand scheme of things. Some complain of getting older and tired, some in their youthful state live as if they will never die and some like myself just go with the flow and know that what will be will be. I like to check in with the angels when I am in such a philosophical state of being to get their input and guidance. As I did so, they handed me a box which I found quite fascinating. Angels, I proclaimed, I have always thought of life as being circular so I’m unsure what you are showing me here.

Dear Ones, indeed life is a series of transitions, of ups and downs, of meeting yourself as you round a curve. Many times you go through a fire and think you have found clarity only to come face-to-face with a similar circumstance and standing right back where you started. In that respect you are living your life in a circular fashion. Many of you cry out, let me off this merry-go-round. You are only looking at what seems to be reality and you get caught up in the prison you have encountered as a result of choices that led you down that path or in the imaginings of your own mind’s creation. Many of you choose to avoid the path altogether and turn away at the first sign that you are repeating a behavior that did not turn out well. Kudos to you but, Dear Ones, it is important to process the experience and place it in the box of lessons learned. When you refuse to do the deeper dive of introspection and meditation you find yourself spinning on the merry-go-round with no way to stop the momentum other than to jump, which can be quite hazardous.

You are here on purpose, Dear Ones. You chose to come into your existence after much deliberation and readying yourself for the journey. You knew you would only be on that journey for a short time, that it is not a forever home. You also knew that you had free will and the ability to connect with those who would help you through the experience. You each have a box to fill. The lessons and the blessings all go in the box. The insights you gain lead to the blessings inside your heart. When your heart is full, indeed it is similar to the experience of flying, floating, soaring and diving. When you are ready, your heart will lead you through the final transition moment and you will remember how to fly because you have done it before. Fill your box, live your life you came here to live, and fly high.

I am filled with so much gratitude as I look now at the box the angels handed me. It is very full of memories, of love, of many fires and many triumphs. It is full of tears and full of compassion and lots and lots of love and laughter. I am left with only one thought: Stay in your heart; stay blessed.

Teri Angel is an angelspeaker – one who receives and delivers messages from the Divine. She is an author, teacher, peaceful warrior and creator of the movement Peas For Peace as part of the Peace On Earth Tour, a movement of loving our Mama Gaia. You can contact her at or visit the website for more information about how you can be involved in the movement and mission to bring in more peace, love and joy to our planet.

The recent Colorado fires left many residents there without homes, others without electricity. If you would like to contribute to our fundraiser for two residents affected by the fire, please click this link:

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