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Marianne Williamson has written that there are really only two primary emotions in the universe, love and fear. So anytime you’re feeling anxious, insecure, worried, angry or resentful, you’ve left love and entered fear. The recent happenings in our world have left a lot of people feeling the emotions listed above -- the lower vibrational energy emotions. There's a lot of hurt, confusion, anger and people want answers, solutions. We live in a society that wants instant answers because that's where we are now -- everything happens instantaneously. What most fail to realize is that the answers are not "out there" where you can click a button or tap your heels together 3 times and it's immediately changed. The change has to come from inside. The answer is not something has has an "easy button" to resolve. Dr. Wayne Dyer was interviewed and asked the question "But it’s a pretty violent, messy planet, isn’t it?" to which he responded: "It is. But for every act of violence and messiness there are a million acts of kindness and goodness. It just depends where you look. And when I look around at virtually anyone or anything on the planet, I can see another face of intention—beauty." This isn't a polyanna - bury your head in the sand attitude but a realistic one. Yes, there are acts of violence happening. Yes, there is unfairness and injustice. The way to change that is not more violence. The way to change the world is to make the change inside each of us and grow a society that is strong in our convictions and love for our fellow beings. We need leaders with that type of conviction. I can already hear the but's and see the shaking of the heads. Have we not learned anything from senseless war and conflict, from innocent lives being lost? Hatred and fighting does nothing but destroy. If you are angry, let that anger motivate you to look for solutions instead of just churning up more hatred and bitterness. Focus on that which is right in the world. I pray for those who have lost their lives and their families along with all the victims in the recent violent events. I pray you will join me in shining a light instead of going to a dark place of fear. I love you.

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