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Real Transformation

I am an avid reader and the more books I am currently delving into the happier I am. I have learned that the ability to download almost any book I want with Amazon's "Kindle Unlimited" is maybe not a good thing for me. I think I have enough books now to last me through the next decade. As I was looking for a specific book tonight, I came across one that I was not familiar with but the title jumped out at me and, trust me, this happens a lot! The book is called "Nothing Changes Until You Do." Wow -- now that kind of sums up life, doesn't it although many people have the expectation that others should change for them. Nope, sorry but it does not work that way. I'm not saying there shouldn't be compromises, give and take, choosing your battles and all that fun stuff. I'm talking about the you inside that keeps doing the same behavior and expecting different results. Changing that mindset is no easy task. Trust me on this because I know from personal experience what I am talking about. Over the last two years I have regurgitated enough negative, self-deprecating thoughts and feelings over things that happened in my life and the resultant screwed up thought process to fill the Grand Canyon! The tears I cried could fill rivers. What I was left with after all that was released was this sense of being as light as a feather, feeling that I could just float away; but the real accomplishment in doing all that was that I was a changed person. I didn't just sit frozen in the mourning of lost relationships, lost time from my life due to being unproductive or things left undone because I had put them on hold. It would have been so easy to give in to the depression and just hibernate and hope that once I came out of it the world would be different, look different, feel different and everything would fall back into place for me. I can say that because that was the old me and that is what so many people do. It is so much easier but so destructive to our souls. You become like a tumbleweed blowing in the wind with no control and directionless as the wind blows you along.

The first thing I had to do was make a conscious decision to come in out of the wind. I did this by closing myself off for a given amount of time. During that time, I focused energy inward. I took on different mentors and I delved in with a passion, listening, reading, meditating on their words and letting my soul determine if it resonated with it. The excavation process I went through every day eventually led to some golden tidbits, the reward for the energy I had exerted. With each passing day it gets easier. Yes, I totally agree with the title of that book and yes, I downloaded it! Nothing changes until you do -- very wise words that we all could meditate on, chew on, cuss and discuss and then get on with the process of changing from that person inside a cocoon to the beautiful butterflies we were meant to be. Hugz~Love

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