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Real Change

We mark our age by a certain period of time; i.e., our birthday which signifies the date on which we were born. Some people celebrate this day – many get well wishes and presents. When this day rolls around each year, we acknowledge the meaning and importance of it and our brain understands that it signifies that we are now a “year older.” BUT when that actual day comes, is there something that happens whether it be a feeling or emotion to prove that we have aged? Do we just start thinking like perhaps what a 40-year-old would think or 50 or 60? Most of us can prove our age by a piece of paper called a birth certificate and we are required throughout our lives to give our birth date on legal documents. BUT again, when that particular date rolls around, does anything change ON that date?

As humans we are so focused on the specialness of dates. We celebrate numerous holidays and people talk about the “feel” or “spirit” of the holiday but there are many who do not notice any change just because a certain date came and went.

Okay, now you are wondering if there is a point to my rambling thoughts, right? Well, my friends, there is. We bring to the table whatever we want to bring. Chew on that for a minute. Look at this scenario. Holiday music is playing everywhere you go. People are wearing bright clothes with holiday themes. There are movies playing and replaying of holiday celebrations. People are giving out well-wishes. Even people who never even acknowledged your presence before are smiling and telling you happy whatever holiday it is. BUT when the actual date of this celebrated event comes around, do you feel any different than say the day before it or the week before? Sometimes there is such a buildup, a hype before an event and there is the anticipation of something happening on that date but when the date comes and goes what change do you feel? It’s whatever you choose to feel has changed!

This holds true with any event, not just holidays or birthdays. In the spiritual community, we also mark certain events or happenings. We talk about portal openings where the energy “feels” different, people are affected by things like the moon phases and we celebrate and light candles and gather together to lift each other’s vibrational levels. BUT in the end, it is what we bring to the table that makes a difference in what we get out of it. That’s the change you are going to feel. So when your birthday comes around, a holiday, anniversary, and yes even a portal energy opening, you decide and create whatever change you feel. Some people are waiting for the flash of lightning or voice from the cloud before they “feel” something. That’s a choice. I prefer to listen to the still small voice inside, the gut feelings, the “knowing without knowing” that allows me to then bring a higher vibration to whatever event, holiday and yes, even birthday that is happening. Time to get REAL. Hugz~Love

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