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Real Magic

"You can do magic -- you can have anything that you desire." This new moon in Scorpio is magical as Scorpio is the sign of magic. What do you want to magically appear in your life? What has been out of your reach and now with this new energy rolling in you feel you can hang your hat on the moon and grab any star you want and put it in your pocket? I have always heard, if you are going to dream, dream big so why not? Why not have that Mercedes or yacht if that is what you desire?

Bringing it down to a more interpersonal level, what is it you want for you? Do you want to speak up more for yourself or apply for that job you never thought you had a chance at before? Do it! Move out of your comfort zone enough to experience the magic that can happen "out there." If you don't try, you'll never know. Be brave! Ride the bigger wave instead of just sticking one foot in the water. Order the lobster instead of the salad. Buy the dress you know you would look awesome in. It is time to pay attention to what you really want without all the buts and what ifs.

This morning I stepped outside before the sun came up and saw the three planets, Venus, Mars and Jupiter hanging there together like magic in the sky. Then the sun started coming up slowly and it was an indescribably moment just looking at the beauty of creation and knowing that those planets are still sitting there but with in a few moments I won't be able to see them with my visible eyes any longer because of the sun's brilliance. However, if I had a telescope, I know I could look and still see them. They are still there! What is in your life that would appear like magic if it were not being dimmed by something else? Bring it into focus. Reach out and touch it -- like magic. Hugz~Love

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