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Real Talk, Real Walk

When is enough enough? Maybe you’ve felt this way at times. Your whole being is screaming at you for replenishment. You go and go and give and give and then boom, your body and soul rebel and say, wait what about me? Sometimes I can go for a couple of days without sleep. I suffer from terrible insomnia and have for years. Sometimes though, my brain decides to just put the brakes on. I feel it coming – it’s like a light switch dimming the lights and sure enough, whatever I’m doing has to be put on hold so the body can refresh.

Our spirit is that way too. We push and give and put ourselves out there for others. The blessings keep coming because the more we give to others, the more we feel lifted up inside. But at some point, it’s like that dimmer switch from the brain that says okay, it’s your time to receive. A friend put it in perspective when she said it’s like trying to give water from an empty well. You have to have the rain to replenish the water supply. You have to take care of your own self physically as well as spiritually to be of benefit to others. So, take that time for you even if you have to make an appointment with yourself to do so. Go refill the well so that others may benefit from what’s in there. Keep it real! Hugz~Love Namaste

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