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Be The Real You

In yesterday’s blog message, I shared a definition of keeping it real. When we do this, everything falls into place. However, if we can’t be real with ourselves, we can’t be real with others. So, what does that mean exactly? There are those in our lives who constantly hide from themselves. Maybe you know someone like this. Maybe you have even done this to some extent. You know the scenario. You want to make yourself look better in the eyes of others so maybe you put on a smile that doesn’t reflect how you are feeling inside because you don’t think you can let others see your real emotions. Maybe you are jealous of what others have and so you are constantly trying to “keep up with the Joneses instead of just being the person you are.” I have a friend that says “I ain’t got no time for fake people.” Yeah, her grammar isn’t great but I totally understand what she’s saying.

So, what actually is happening when someone becomes a “fake” person? The throat chakra being imbalanced can be the culprit or a combination of throat and solar plexus especially. If we are telling “little white lies” or not being forthcoming about things in our lives; i.e., hiding our real feelings or state of being, then we are lying also to our own selves. Fyodor Dostoyevsky says “Lying to ourselves is more deeply ingrained than lying to others.” Once we lie to ourselves, it becomes easier then to lie to others and thus perpetuates the lie until eventually we believe our own lies.

Getting and keeping the chakras in balance will allow us to become more real with ourselves and thus with others. Once we can see that our actions or words are out of sync with what we feel or what we are, then we can see what others see. When in the midst of trying to put on a fake front, we think we are fooling others. We believe the lies ourselves, so why wouldn’t others believe us, right? NOT. Sure, there may be those who believe because they want to believe, because they have blinders on. Surely my partner or friend wouldn’t lie to me, so what he/she is saying or doing must be true. In this scenario, there is an imbalance in the third eye chakra. Trust your gut instincts. If you are in touch with your intuition and you feel something is “off” then it probably is. I’m not saying distrust everyone or take everything at face value, but if something is telling you that things are not as they seem, then ask your higher self for help to let you see others with your spiritual or third eye – unless you just want to stay in that state of having blinders on. We do have that choice.

I love you – and that is real! Hugz~Love

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