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Throat Chakra Tune-up Time

I’m adopting a theme for November: Keep it real. The urban dictionary defines this as “Staying true to yourself, your faith, your life and constantly seeking the truth.” I’ll buy that! For the next month I want to focus on the throat chakra and the third eye chakras. Both are extremely powerful. When our throat chakra is blocked we are faced with not being able to speak our truth. Many times we don’t speak up for ourselves or others. This chakra also needs to be open for energy to flow freely from both the upper (crown and third eye chakras) to the lower chakras and vice versa. If blocked, a bottleneck can occur and a feeling of being stuck, much like food gets stuck in the throat. How do you know if your throat chakra is blocked or unbalanced? Do you notice yourself wishing you could respond to someone but you fear what you say might be taken the wrong way or hurt someone’s feelings? Do you find yourself rambling, talking about anything other than what is truly on your mind that you would like to speak out loud? Do you find yourself standing on the sidelines and not sharing of yourself? These are some of the effects of a blocked throat chakra. It’s important to notice when these things are happening and nip it in the bud right then. Focus on this chakra, which is located in the middle of your throat. You can put your hand there and feel the energy. You should feel a warmness as the energy comes from the chakra. If something doesn’t feel right; i.e., you don’t feel the energy flow, then most likely there is a block there. I liken this to water flowing out of a faucet. You can control the force of the water by turning the control handle which opens or closes a valve. You can do the same thing with your chakra. Tune in to how open or closed off it is and then in your mind’s eye envision a handle similar to a water faucet handle and gently open it until you feel a freeness in the energy flow.

Is it time for a throat chakra tune-up? I hope this technique helps. Hugz~Love Namaste

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