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How creative are you? Can you think of one thing in life you would like to achieve? I’ve always heard that if you’re going to dream, dream big! What exactly is a big dream to you? For some people it is simply stepping outside their front door! You see we each have our own measure of how big or small a dream is to us based on our own realities. Mine used to be the dream of having enough money to last from one paycheck to another to have a roof over my head and food for me and my furkids. That was big – no, that was huge. It deals with our basic survival instincts and ties in with the root chakra. If this chakra is out of balance with fear for our well-being and survival, then the door opens for all kinds of problems including negativity, greed, aggressiveness. Basically, the lower vibrational energies associated with fear.

Once I got a handle on dreaming and manifesting, following the Law of Attraction to put out positive vibes and expect positive in return, then things started turning around for me. I still sometimes try to see if $20 will get me through a whole week as it had been doing and pretty much I can survive on that but what I found was happening was the more I dreamed of bigger things, the more they were coming into my existence. No, I haven’t won the lottery but I also don’t play it anymore. My dreams turned more toward what my footprint on this Earth would be once I was no longer here. I focused on sharing myself with others through my writing. I started taking time to truly listen to my friends and even newly made friends. I weeded out the negative influences in my life which meant changing some of my activities I had been doing and places I had been going. Once I got this priority in order, I noticed a big difference in the balance of my root chakra as well as my solar plexus chakra because I had taken back my personal power.

So, again I will ask you – Can you think of one thing in your life that you would like to achieve? How big is your dream? What will your footprint look like when you are no longer on Earth this lifetime?

I love you! Hugz~Love

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