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“Each life is made up of mistakes and learning, waiting and growing, practicing patience and being persistent.” ~Billy Graham


Persistence – there’s that word again! It seems that a big part of our lessons this year will be about staying the course, not giving up, and digging our heels in against life’s storms. I can be pretty stubborn, aka persistent. I have no problem going to bat for what I believe in. I suppose we all have to take a deeper look inside and realize what our boundaries are and what we will stand up for. It is when we truly come to know ourselves that we can then persevere.


Dear Angels, so often our challenges can feel overwhelming. We may even go down the rabbit hole of thinking that we are being victimized and begin to give up. One profound story is what happened to Jack Canfield. He tried over 120 publishers before someone agreed to publish his Chicken Soup For The Soul book. Thankfully, he never quit trying. How can we stay motivated even when there seems to be no hope?


Dear Ones, persistence is a powerful attribute that enables people to overcome obstacles. The biggest obstacle is inside your mind. To achieve success and reach your goals, you need unwavering determination, resilience, and a positive mindset to stay focused and motivated, even in the face of adversity. This perseverance is a quality that you can develop and cultivate. It is not something anyone can “give” you. it must begin as a tiny seed of possibility inside of you. if you allow yourself to dare to dream and release the resistant thoughts of limitations, you most certainly will achieve that dream. Dear Ones, when it is Divine time for something to be, nothing and no one can stop the momentum of its birth into the world.


Dear Angels, thank you. I love you. Namaste y’all.


Today, I promise to stay the course.


Teri Angel is a Happiness Coach, energy healer, best-selling author, spiritual teacher and mentor, and a motivational speaker. Teri’s movement “Peas For Peace” involves strengthening our awareness of the oneness of all, unifying mankind through compassion, peace, love and joy. She was named "She Who Blesses the Sacred Land" during the Peace On Earth Tour and embraces that title with loving grace. Teri is also the co-founder of the global movement and non-profit organization Ten Million For World Peace.


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