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Expectations and Disappointments

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” Desmond Tutu

Disappointment is a huge part of the earth experience. When we trust others, we open ourselves up to things not going as we expect them to. We hold out hope that the person we are interacting with is who they say they are and not a façade. When we feel into our intuition, sometimes our expectations can get in the way of hearing clearly. Hope is the action part of belief and trust. It involves our expectations but in reality, hope stays firm without having to look at the expectation. In essence, we have that part of us that has categorized experiences and filed them away. Then when something comes up for us in life, we pull on that experience that we filed away and ask ourselves how to respond or react to the new experience. When we call on hope first, however, the past experience can just sit on the sidelines and wait or it can be taken into the new experience as a reminder of how we handled things in the past experience.

Dear Angels, whether we face disappointments or joy we are going on our past experiences for guidance. How do we change from doing that so we can remember to check in with our spirit guides first and foremost?

Dear Ones, as a being with free will you can choose how your experience will move forward. There is a freedom in being able to make decisions and choose for yourself. There is also a great responsibility. In making your own decision, you recognize that you are the one in control of making that decision. It is a leap forward for you. You are no longer being stifled by the pacifier. You have chosen to be authentically you. Practice this daily and watch your frequency rise with your new confidence.

Dear Angels, thank you. I love you. Namaste y’all.

Today, I promise to lean into gratitude, even during the hard moments.

Teri Angel is a Happiness Coach, energy healer, best-selling author, spiritual teacher and mentor, and a motivational speaker. Teri is the Peace Campaign Coordinator for We, The World and the founder of a nonprofit organization, Angelspeakers Inc., which offers educational workshops and events centered around environmental awareness to include animals and nature, peace advocacy opportunities and ancient wisdom teachings. Teri’s movement “Peas For Peace” involves strengthening our awareness of the oneness of all, unifying mankind through compassion, peace, love and joy. She was named "She Who Blesses the Sacred Land" during the Peace On Earth Tour and embraces that title with loving grace.

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