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November 23, 2019 ~ Day 2

Today I feel much clearer, like a fog has been lifted. One good habit I have been able to maintain through the last several years is gratitude. Each morning as I open my eyes I stop and give gratitude for another day alive, for the ability to breathe, hear, see, talk, smell and move. I love this habit. I love the feel of the positive light energy as it washes over me. It’s like a shower before the physical shower.

Today I have decided that slower is better. I look at my calendar and the appointments I have for this day and realize that I have been overloading myself and not allowing a replenishing space in between times of giving out my energy. I have been booking back-to-back sessions and that is my task today – to correct my appointment calendar and pencil in breathing time as well as “me” time.

The ketone drink is keeping me energized and I literally have no hunger pains. I am making better food choices and drinking loads of water as well. My body is saying thank you to me and feeling much better in with this new routine. Interestingly, a friend called and asked me to dinner last night. I was able to enjoy a delicious meal and stick to my boundaries regarding how late to eat; and enjoyed a 3-hour discussion with her!

I have a huge smile as I read through all the encouragement from my friends on social media! The words shared by you all have really touched me and shows me that I made the right choice in asking for your support. It helped keep me strong and unwavering. Thank you for being there for me!



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