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Tonight is the beginning of the full moon, the Wolf Moon, which comes in the darkest and coldest part of the year and is associated with hibernation, fire, ancestors and family. Be outside if you can to absorb the energy directly as you look at the beauty of the full moon.

If possible, form a circle asking Great Spirit to be with you and watch over you under the moon. Give thanks to the four directions and the elements. Start with a prayer and end with a prayer.

If you are able to have a fire either in a firepit or open fire, you can do a releasing of the things you want to rid yourself of. If it is not possible to have a fire, then use a white candle -- white for new beginnings. You can prepare your list prior to the actual ceremony by writing on a piece of paper what you want to release from your life, what limiting beliefs you want to be free from, what no longer serves you or what you want to let go of. When you finish your list, sign and date it. At the fire (or candle) ceremony, breathe deeply into your heart chakra and say "I release all these things. They are no longer my burden. It is so." Now burn the paper with the list either in the fire or candle flame and let the angels carry them to the universe. You can pour some incense into the fire or the candle.

Now think of the full moon, its beauty and energy. Meditate on earth and nature, taking time to acknowledge the "now" and paying attention to how the energy is affecting you. Remember this is a time for new beginnings and the Wolf energy in Leo can be pretty powerful. Give thanks for anything you are calling into your life, seeing it as already happening. If you have prepared a list of intentions to manifest, you can burn that in the fire and trust that Spirit receives it and answers your wishes.

Give thanks for your family and ask for protection for them, health and happiness. Give thanks for your friends and ask for blessings for them. Give thanks for your ancestors, remembering those you were fortunate enough to have known this lifetime. Give thanks for your spiritual mentors and ask that they receive special blessings of insight, intuition and knowledge to lead others.

Now, run your hands under water. Fire consumes and burns away the old. Water cleanses and washes away. Give thanks to Spirit for hearing your pleadings for both releasing and manifesting.


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