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Your Inside Color

When you look inside, what do you see? Only you know. We can take pictures of the outside – what we look like, what our friends, family and environment looks like. Nature, sunset, sunrise, clouds, animals all can be captured on film. How do we take a picture of the soul? It is well-known that our soul is not only contained within our physical body but also is outside of us. This is called an aura. Anyone can see your aura if they tune in to it. It’s not a secret, not hidden away. But that part of us that is deep inside, the very heart of us – how do we picture that for others to see? If you had to give it a color, what color would it be and why? Do you nurture it and watch it grow or just let it hang out with you through the ebb and flow of life?

When we introduce ourselves to others, we usually talk about our jobs, friends, interests, family life. All these things are external to who we really are. Rarely do any of us talk about our inner selves unless we are in a group of people we know understand what we’re talking about. However, this is a time of decluttering. You may find that a lot of the people who put off negative vibes whenever anything spiritual is mentioned are being released from your life, being replaced with ones who are more of a vibrational match to who you really are. How does that make you feel? Some of these relationships are long-term and very painful to let go of, but in talking to people who have experienced this, it is also very freeing. The color inside of them change. They are able to see life with new eyes and a newfound outlook. Speaking from a firsthand experience, it is like receiving your wings and soaring! Hugz~Love

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