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Real Caring

Today, this moment, I vow to do everything I can to make a difference in someone's life. Do you know how powerful that would be if we could get a wave going like that? What if each person started out their day with the prayer and intent "Today, it is my desire to make a difference even if it is only to one person"? The possibilities are endless as far as blessings given and received. If this were our first thought when waking up each morning, miracles would begin to happen because when the intention is put out there, the universe responds to make it happen.

The focus right now is on negative events and, yes, there are some horrific things going on. Can we as individuals do anything other than come together collectively and share a common bond of caring and lifting up those affected? Yes. We can change the way we treat each other. For those moments after a tragedy, the world is reeled and we show and express our feelings but then what happens next? Do we return to the "normal" routine of the way we treat others in our lives? Do we not learn any lessons from the acts of violent hateful people? There are lessons to be learned. We can pay more attention to how we treat others. As a collective, we are focusing our hatred and bitterness on an entity that is destructive. The Law of Attraction says that what you give attention to is what you see more of in your lives. Do you want to see more hatred and bitterness or do you want to start with your own lives to make a difference to someone, whether it is one person or many people? Focus on what is good in the world, what is right. Take those feelings of compassion and build on that in your own lives and use it for good towards others. That's how we can make a difference. We can't stop wars in a day but we can win battles locally by starting a wave of love.

The Reiki principle given by Dr. Usui is as follows. Today, I choose to put this into practice in my life and I pray you do as well.

Just for today:

I shall not anger

I shall not worry

I shall count my blessings

I shall revere my parents, teachers and friends

I shall earn an honest living

I shall be kind to all living things.

I love you! Hugz~Love

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