TIME stands for “Theocentric Interactive Magnetic Energy.”  This is a healing modality that was inspired by the Archangels and a collective of Spirit Guides called The Healers.  The healer who has been attuned to TIME is totally connected with Spirit Guides, Archangels and Ascended Masters work though the receiver using the healers physical body as a vessel to dispense healing energy to the receiver.  So, how does it work?


        In the healing, the healers calls on the Spirit Guides, Angels and Masters for guidance and then connects to the higher self of the person receiving the healing.  A clearing of the auric field is then done followed by a scan of the auric field, which allows us to look for any energetic imbalances or blockages in the chakras.  Once these are found, the energy is drawn from the healer’s hands to the receiver and the experience can only be described as energy being pulled by a magnet.  All of the chakras are cleared and aligned using this method. In a hands-on healing, the methodology is the same although we have been told the experience is different and the healing energy appears to be a bit more intense. 


At the end of the session the healer then asks the Angels, Masters and Guides if there are any messages that need to be passed along to the receiver of the healing. Since the healing is interactive, there is a specific set of instructions for the person receiving the healing. 


        COST: $222.00