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Eclipse retreat flyer

At this 3-day retreat in the heart of Sedona, Arizona, we will be doing deeper dives into our spirituality through small group discussions, energy work, nature walks and focused meditations.

Space is limited at the venue but there are nearby hotels if you wish more privacy.

Food will be mostly vegetarian. If you wish, you can bring your own food. There is a large kitchen so plenty of space to store what you want.

Transcending The Shadows Emerging From The Eclipse flyer


The "Changes" retreat was a truly unique and uplifting experience for me. It was incredible to share and feel so much love, acceptance and appreciation for and from all the beautiful souls who showed up for the gathering. We created our own little "Heaven on Earth," and I will never forget how amazing that feels!  Brooke 

CHANGES Retreat Gave/Showed me a Magical experience with an Abundance of ALL Things I'd never imagined to be possible in that Zeitgeist of Pure Love with each Presentation, Tour, Workshop, Human, & Meal. Gaia, herself, was just a Warm Hug in the Freshest air. The Human Hugs were electrifying, as well.   Deedee

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