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Hello and welcome to Angelspeakers!  

We are here to shine our lights to make this world one that we can all cohabit in peace and unity!  We offer workshops, training, energy healing sessions, happiness coaching, live and recorded video and a listening ear to anyone who asks.  We are a 501c3 Nonprofit charity organization and welcome your tax-deductible contributions to help support our cause. 

What's happenning

Angel Circle

RSVP Required

You can sign up for one or all of the circles.  Each one will be the 22nd of each month.
To sign up click HERE

Next Circle:

Nov 22 | 19:00 ET

Via Zoom

Land and Water

Saturday 10/29/22 in Islamorada Florida.  Time TBA 

Check out the new website for the Peace on Earth Tour! http://www.peaceonearthtour.live

In September 2020, Angelspeakers hit the road! If you would love to have a workshop or training in your area, please fill out the contact form.


As I travel and teach I will be providing special video experiences as well as one-on-one phone conversations to anyone who supports this adventure through a Patreon membership. Click on the link here to become a Patreon.


Colorado Land Blessing video

land blessings

You can watch all the land blessing videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD9kbj6zMavd4VLmx0pMlve7N6Y_B8RC_

Please consider donating to the Peace On Earth Tour fundraiser and/or sharing the link:  DONATE

Heart Shape Cookie Cutter

UPDATE: The Peace On Earth Tour is currently in Florida and heading to Colorado next! There have been 18 land blessings so far.

All donations to Our Journey of Healing are welcomed and used to bring the messages of peace, love and joy to our planet. Namaste Y'All

The Land Blessings are now on Kikori App. Check it out and share where you did a blessing!


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