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Loving YourSELF Back To The NOW and Beyond

Guided by Karen Palmer and Teri Angel

Connect with your Limitless Self, the you beyond your conscious mind and physical body

Experience a deep energetic awakening and a sense of oneness with the Universe itself

Harness your innermost truths to elevate every area of life: your health, relationships, happiness, and even your career and finances

Amplify the positive effects of your Chakra Healing practice in every area of life

Channel deeper love, compassion and connection towards everything and everyone around you

And light up the path to your higher purpose and reconnect with your unique gifts

What You'll Experience In Chakra Transcendence

Your journey will begin with a deep dive into finding your authentic voice and uncovering your TRUE SELF. It will continue with a visit to voices past where you will identify and explore the ancestral experiences that have shaped you. You will experience a creative transformation that will help you learn from the past and develop an action plan for the future.

You will be guided to release any generational energies that are still affecting you in your current lifetime. With the assistance of powerful angels and guides, these energies will be transmuted and cleared going back 7 generations.


Unlock your heart, and overcome fears that prevent you from giving and receiving love

Fully forgive those who have hurt you (including yourself), and experience freedom from pain and resentments​

Connect with feelings of joy and gratitude, even during challenging times

Experience authentic kindness and understanding toward others

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