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What In The Universe Is Happening??

First, let's look at what is affected by our planets:

Sun = Ego / Self

Moon = Emotion / Moods Mercury = Communication / Thinking Venus = Harmony / Affections Mars = Confidence / Energy Jupiter = Prosperity / Good Fortune Saturn = Limitations / Practicality Uranus = Individuality / Inventiveness Neptune = Idealism / Compassion Pluto = Transformation / Power

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are the personal planets which affect our personalities and immediate relationships. The more distant planets affect how we interact with the world in a more general way.

When planets are in retrograde (e.g. they appear to be traveling backwards to their normal motion in the sky) their effect can be reversed to be directed inwards. When they again start to move forward again their effect can be enhanced.

Current retrogrades: Venus in Gemini. Venus goes Station Retrograde in Gemini at Wed May 13 2020 02:45 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Jupiter in Capricorn. Jupiter goes Station Retrograde in Capricorn at Thu May 14 2020 10:32 GMT-0400 (EDT) Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn goes Station Retrograde in Aquarius at Sun May 10 2020 00:09 GMT-0400 (EDT) Information is power! As we look at the energies coming through as a result of planetary changes we can ask for the effects to be handled with ease and grace. Set your intention for this to be so. When you do your meditation, ask what do I need to know about these energies? Every morning at 7:30 am EST we gather online on Facebook, YouTube and Periscope live and do a meditative prayer together on a broadcast called Coffee & Conversation. Gather with us and let's set this intention together for ourselves and for the collective. Much love to you all!


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