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“When all I see is the battle,

You see my victory

When all I see is the mountain,

You see a mountain moved

And as I walk through the shadow,

Your love surrounds me

There’s nothing to fear now

For I am safe with You.” Phil Wickham

Battle – to fight or struggle tenaciously to achieve or resist something. That’s the dictionary version. The real life version in intense. There is a reason many dislike the word. We have inner battles with our own thoughts, beliefs and desires. There is an energy surrounding a battle that makes nerve endings raw. The adrenaline rushes through us in anticipation.

As I went into the Valley Forge area to do a land blessing in September 2020, I could feel the souls of soldiers and villagers who perished there. While no battle was fought over the long cold months, over 2,000 soldiers died during the winter encampment of 1777. The soldiers were not prepared to be out in the elements and had to work together to build huts for shelter. Food and supplies were scarce and hope dwindled as many succumbed to starvation and disease. At the end of the day, however, the army emerged as a strong unified force. The battle fought there was on the inside of each soldier. I stood on a hill where soldiers had hunkered down, looking out over the area with my soul sister, Susanne. We both felt the need to pray for the area and call in the angels to clear and protect the land. Angels, so many times we look at our external circumstances and cry out for help, for someone to swoop in and save the day. How can we better understand to turn inward for the strength and answers we seek?

Dear Ones, consider the tree being tossed to and fro from the winds of a storm. As it rages the tree may lose leaves, branches and even the very bark from its trunk. Does that destroy it? Indeed, no it does not. The tree’s strength is inside where it has grown and become fortified by the nurturing of its roots dug deep into the earth. The tree is wise. It knows that if it becomes weakened on the inside it will succumb to the forces of nature and have no defense against wind and freezing weather. Dear Ones, do you understand this teaching from the tree? Look inside. How are you fortifying your inner self. Are you constantly doing battle with thoughts, emotions, and desires? Are you receiving nurturing energy from what you are being fed? Are you committed to staying strong on the inside to handle the battles of life? Dear Ones, your strength does not depend on others – rather it is enhanced by those who love and encourage you. Your strength is always an inside job. Do not wait for the rescuers to show up. Be your own rescue. Fortify inwardly for the fires of life that will undoubtedly come and though you may lose some leaves, your core will remain firm.

I promise, Angels, to hug more trees, to see my own worth and to speak words of love and encouragement to all I encounter along the way. So much gratitude. I love you.

Teri Angel is an angelspeaker – one who receives and delivers messages from the Divine. She is an author, teacher, peaceful warrior and creator of the movement Peas For Peace as part of the Peace On Earth Tour, a movement of loving our Mama Gaia. You can contact her at or visit the website for more information about how you can be involved in the movement and mission to bring in more peace, love and joy to our planet.

The recent Colorado fires left many residents there without homes, others without electricity. If you would like to contribute to our fundraiser for two residents affected by the fire, please click this link:

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Isabel Reis
Isabel Reis
15 ene 2022

Go within for strength!🙏❤️🙏

Me gusta
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