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One of my favorite songs is “I’m Standing With You.” Sometimes in life I have felt those moments of isolation where it seemed no one else could understand the experience I was dealing with. It has happened quite often in the past. A breakup of a relationship, an illness, a loss of a loved one are some of the things that have taken me to a place of vulnerability and darkness. It is in those moments that I have come to a place of great clarity and understanding of my path in this thing called life. Many times I have suffered alone, cried alone, ranted and raged alone. I remember sitting at a riverbank and telling God how forsaken I felt. Another time I sat on the beach at the ocean and cried out in anger and confusion. These moments of agony were cathartic in nature for my soul. At the same time, they were so necessary to my growth and understanding of who I am and the journey of this lifetime. Being in a human body is not an easy thing for a soul to do! However, it is a blessing and joy when we find others who understand the oneness of spirit.

I have looked around me in life and saw that others were shining their light so brightly and so effortlessly. I have had those times when I wondered if I could ever shine like they do! I have seen myself as that bud that has not opened yet and here they are showing all their glory as the beautiful rose in full bloom. Comparison is not our friend! I have since learned that the rosebud is just as glorious as the open rose. It has its own magnificence! Its simplicity and innocence is a thing of beauty. It does not even realize that it shines as brightly as a lighthouse and holds its own in a world that is focused on what has been achieved. It is full of potential and immense growth!

Most of us do not gain wisdom and clarity on our own. We have experiences that help us grow and shape us into the being we are in the world. Those who come and go from our lives are our teachers. They show us a reflection of ourselves and what is inside of us. Each person we encounter is a spark of who we are, how we see and are seen, and challenge us to examine our thoughts and words. When we look around us and see others who may be struggling with life, remember this. Be gentle with those rosebuds who are so full of potential. Stand with them! Hold their hand, give a hug (even if virtually) and offer a word of encouragement. We are all just walking each other home, home to our full potential as a magnificent being of love and light.


“When your hurting, I want you to know That you'll never have to hurt alone When your faith is, faith is running low I'll never lose faith in you

When the night surrounds you And you think that no one cares about you I will go and throw my arms around you I'll be there

Through whatever you go through I'm standin' with you Here wherever you go to I'll stand beside you”

(Lyrics from I’m Standing With You written by Diane Eve Warren)


May your day be blessed. May you find the peace that passes all understanding inside your heart. I send you so much love!

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